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I have been delinquent on this blog for a minute now. It’s been a time of moving and changing. Moving residence, changing focus, adapting to the new and foraging amongst the old. Searching for that timelessness. So, several mixes are in order. First up in honor of mothers everywhere, but especially my own, is a mix of cosmically charged selections to celebrate the collective mother. Beauty and imagination. Who would we be without these traits ? Enjoy the selections, and let me know what I should post up next in the comments if you’d be so kind. Yes, the new Flying Lotus album, “Cosmogramma”, is heavy in the mix, so shoot me. It’s very good and just released.


Satie: Descriptions Automatiques – Pascal Rogé
Eine Promenade – Stephan Mathieu
4.2 – Supersilent
Fantasy – The xx
Jhaptal In 10 Beats & Raga Jhinjoti On Sarangi – Ustad Zakir Hussain
Monstahs – Eskmo And The Antiserum
Lo-Fi-Ve – Fantastic Mr. Fox
Think! feat Greenwood – Funkstörung
Radiant Industry – Jamie Vexd
Digidesign – Joker
Meltdown – King Midas Sound
Generique – Miles Davis
Host – Plaid
Fourth Dimension – Starkey
Deep Down – Synkro
Moments In Love (Caspa Remix) – The Art Of Noise
808 Dub Plate – Twilight Circus
Never Went Away – Untold
The Time In Between – AFTA-1
Recoiled – Flying Lotus
Kirkonväki – Paavoharju
Lose My Fuse – Muhsinah feat. Flying Lotus
..And The World Laughs With You – Flying Lotus Feat. Thom Yorke
Hencho en Casa (Landslide Vox Mix) – Afronaut & Hector Calderon
Aidy’s Girl is a Computer (Kyle Hall Remix) – Darkstar
Black & Bury (Original Unreleased Mix) – El-B
Saint-Saëns: Cello Concerto No 1- 3. Finale – Steven Isserlis, Francis Grier
Zodiac Shit – Flying Lotus
Computer Face // Pure Being – Flying Lotus


New Year, New Day, New Music

And lots of older music too. Though perhaps not that old. Just a great selection of music to get you through the day, or set off your evening. Downtempo, jazz, indie disco, electronic, Latin, French, rock, reggae, lullabies, and even a Xmas selection which isn’t at all schmaltzy. La la la. Beauty and imagination. It’s 2010, where are you going ?

New Year’s Day part 1

Non Ce N’est Pas Un Rêve – Françoise Hardy
Fading Away (Apparat Remix) – Nitrada
Do You Hear – Mr. Scruff
Sign (DJ DSL Remix) – Boozoo Bajou
Suburbia – Nite Jewel
Moon Child – Pharoah Sanders
Move – I’m not a Gun
Double Vision – Lusine
Safety Meetings – Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts
Endless Things – flevans
Ummh – Bobby Hutcherson
Rush Hour In Hong Kong – Louie Ramírez
New Morning – Quantic And His Combo Barbaro
around the world – christian prommer’s drumlesson
Exodus – Michael Brecker & Lisa Fischer
Don’t Bounce It – Isan
Little Drummer Boy – Low
Frere Jacques – Jean Jacques Perry & Luke Vibert
40 Winx – Mike Slott

New Year’s Day part 2

La Murga – Willie Colon
Cherrystones – Eugene McDaniels
Burnin Inside – King Khan & The Shrines
Worldwide – Allen Toussaint
Song for My Father – Cedric Im Brooks/Light Of Saba
Mambotango – Ray Barretto
Gone – Stefon Harris & Blackout Present
Mysterious Traveller – Weather Report
Money Jungle – Duke Ellington With Charles Mingus & Max Roach
Electronic Sonata for Souls Loved By Nature – George Russell
How To Find Royal Jelly (Lost Scrolls Of Hamaric) – Sonar Kollektiv Orchester
In the Key of Blue – Quantic

Autumn Leaves Pt. 2

It’s been a long couple of weeks grinding at my job. Long days, long nights. It always is this time of year. Tired back, aching shoulders at times, and my focus solely on what’s right in front of me. Usually I’d have more of my attention diverted towards music and thinking about what I’d like to play. How can I use this song and make it fit right in the mix ? Can I work in this progressive, minimal, dub, experimental techno joint without going all stomp, stomp, stomp ? Maybe people will enjoy this post-disco casio bleep music if I just throw a Lady WretchWretch accapella over it ?

I can safely say last night, these questions were not nagging me. I was exhausted after the day/night and diverted my mind from itself with a KenKen puzzle, a Warrior’s loss and the cat’s claws on my toes. A couple B vitamins, some Chinese Herbs, and a rare Red Bull a bit later, I felt alright, just wanting to listen to some beautiful music in a laid back groove. This set is what came of it. Lotsa soul, sprinkles of jazz, electronic, world, funk and hiphop. No bells and whistles, this is how I chill in ’09 til . . .

Autumn Leaves Pt. 2

Flyin’ High InThe Brooklyn Sky – Digable Planets With Lester Bowie And Wah Wah Watson
Bump It – Erykah Badu
Move Me No Mountain – Love Unlimited
You’re My Everything – Anita Baker
Tripping Out – Curtis Mayfield
Coolie High – Camp Lo
So Far From Home feat. Phonte – Jazzanova
Damn (Marcel Remix) – Nightmares On Wax
Melt! – Flying Lotus
We Hear You – Luke Vibert
Ringa Ringa – A.R. Rahman
Give the Drummer Sum – Black Milk
Crazy Alien – Ras G
Rollin’ – Dam Funk
What Did He Say – Nite Jewel
Odyssey Man Feat Ayah – Robert Strauss
Zumba Mama – Chico Mann
Can We Call It Love – Ahu
Spirits Up Above (Simbad’s Cosmic Boogie Remix) – Jose James

Techno Depths


My buddy harbour put together this mix of deep dub techno and electro resolutions. I love this sound. Puts the night sky and distant stars within reach. Echoing sonic pulses dissolving into a night fog. Neither forlorn nor yearning, yet slightly meditative. The world at peace in constant evolution and change.

the estatic sounds of future blossoms mix – harbour

Eternal Finale – Radio India
Espenhain – Marko Furstenberg
8 Finds a Way – Rhythm & Sound
Fine Metallic Dollar – Andy Stott
Rauta (Girl Remix) – Trentemoller vs. DJ Lab
Ok – Ben Klock
Basic – Robert Babicz
Justify (Will Saul and Mike Monday remix) – Ramadaman & Appleblim
Dem Never Know (Sleeparchive Remix) – Rhythm & Sound
Corebox – Marcel Dettmann
Hustler (Shackleton Remix) – Simian Mobile Disco
Above 90 – Peter Van Hoesen
Glitch Dub – Emvee
Whats With My Friends? – Richard Villlalobos
Puttin It Out (A Made Up Sound Remix) – Jason Fine
Black Sun – Kode 9
Another Wedged Chicken (Martyn mix) – Shed
6 – Various Artists (aka Torsten Pröfrock)
Audio1995#8 – T++
Icebarg – EOC
Co Opt (Version) – Antiguo Automata Mexicano
Flashpoint – Jus Wan
Icon – F

Real Radio #1 AJB

Radio, where for art thou, radio ? Where hast thou gone ? Commercials and bleeps, iced chains and angst, smoothed out instruments and popless pop, talk, talk, talk and schlock. Maybe it’s just me, but I just don’t tune in for very long. Just isn’t much music on you anymore, radio. We’ve heard it all before, most of it.

I was listening to this set by AJB, a frequent DJ collaborator at Mua, and thinking “this is what modern radio could sound like.” Great songs, a mix of indie, downtempo, electronic and hip hop. Catchy, relaxing, upbeat and mixed on point throughout. I’ll get a song list up soon. In the meantime, check the vibes and enjoy some flavor ice.

Real Radio #1 AJB

AJB, Rawman and Cross will be playing Friday, August 28th 2009 at Mua.

Rawman’s Shortwave Radio on KALX

Come With
I had the opportunity to do a radio program this week thanks to the grace of DJ Rawman. He’s been running a program for 10 years now on Cal Berkeley’s KALX 90.7 FM. That’s a long time to be pushing new sounds on college/community radio. He’s definitely a veteran in service, a finely tuned DJ, vinyl digger, and sonic maestro. He can be found at Mua, Jupiter Bar and other spots in the Bay.

The Shortwave Radio program focuses on Electronic styles of music. He also helps to produce a Difficult Listening program for the station, but we’ll save that one for a future date. Here’s the program from last Sunday/Monday and some further links.

DJ Rawman’s Home | KALX Berkeley

Shortwave Radio August 17, 2009 (to download: right click “Save Target As” or “Save Link As”)

What Does Your Soul Look Like Part II – DJ Shadow
Chef d’Oeuvre – Jon Appleton
Time Dilated by Matter – Timeblind
90121 – Spatial
Ray of Hope – Quantec
The Rope Tightens (Badawi Remix) – Shackleton
Attack of the Giant Killer Robot Spiders! – Pinch
Diesel – Kulture
As We Enta – Darqwan
Confused? – Darqwan
Bombscare Remix – 2 Bad Mice

Space Ex – Blue Daisy
All Is Full Of Love (Secondotted) – Bjork mit Funkstorung
Simperton – The Black Dog
Avant Derniers Pensees – Erik Satie
Aeromonarchs Attacks – Kontext
Untitled – Breakage
Anaconda – Untold
Waterfalls (Peverelist Remix) – 2nd II None

it’s a spiritual thing

It’s not always gospel. It’s not necessarily expression. It’s not the truth, but it is spiritual. Music, that is. Manipulations of sound both conscious and extremely subconscious. Open to all. I like to believe music be it your favorite song, an inviting instrumental passage or a bunch of “noise” comes from a place of spirit to which it dissipates once it passes into the air. Good or bad judgements play no part in the creation process. I find myself often fascinated by particular combinations of sound, melody and rhythm. I like to think we all do. I search for music that fascinates over the duration of its playing. I think that’s the primary criteria in shaping from which songs/pieces/tracks I derive enjoyment or inspiration.

Following mix is hopefully reflective of this. There are a couple of beautiful moments, I think you’ll feel. Tracklist below (58 mins).

First Friday dinner suite

Unexpected Delight – Flying Lotus & Laura Darlington
Man In The Mirror – Michael Jackson
My Heart Is Beating – Preeti Sagar
Pretty Little Ditty – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Rituel – Jean-Félix Lalanne & Yan Vagh
moog jam – Soundspecies
Artsy Remix (feat. the Grouch) – edIT
Get Familiar – Bullion / Paul White
The Fucking Formula – Dorian Concept
Swiss Glide – Michna
Sankofa – Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
Yadda Yadda – Will.i.am
We Milk Life But Skank Smooth (Grant Phabao Remix) – Jon Kennedy
Zulu – Africans With Mainframes
I See Who You Are – Bjork
Spacebass – Boxcutter
Time Wars – Paul White
Hear the Sun – Linkwood
We Will Rock You (Taut French Joel Mix) – Queen
Solid Air – John Martyn