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Rawman’s Shortwave Radio on KALX

Come With
I had the opportunity to do a radio program this week thanks to the grace of DJ Rawman. He’s been running a program for 10 years now on Cal Berkeley’s KALX 90.7 FM. That’s a long time to be pushing new sounds on college/community radio. He’s definitely a veteran in service, a finely tuned DJ, vinyl digger, and sonic maestro. He can be found at Mua, Jupiter Bar and other spots in the Bay.

The Shortwave Radio program focuses on Electronic styles of music. He also helps to produce a Difficult Listening program for the station, but we’ll save that one for a future date. Here’s the program from last Sunday/Monday and some further links.

DJ Rawman’s Home | KALX Berkeley

Shortwave Radio August 17, 2009 (to download: right click “Save Target As” or “Save Link As”)

What Does Your Soul Look Like Part II – DJ Shadow
Chef d’Oeuvre – Jon Appleton
Time Dilated by Matter – Timeblind
90121 – Spatial
Ray of Hope – Quantec
The Rope Tightens (Badawi Remix) – Shackleton
Attack of the Giant Killer Robot Spiders! – Pinch
Diesel – Kulture
As We Enta – Darqwan
Confused? – Darqwan
Bombscare Remix – 2 Bad Mice

Space Ex – Blue Daisy
All Is Full Of Love (Secondotted) – Bjork mit Funkstorung
Simperton – The Black Dog
Avant Derniers Pensees – Erik Satie
Aeromonarchs Attacks – Kontext
Untitled – Breakage
Anaconda – Untold
Waterfalls (Peverelist Remix) – 2nd II None

it’s a spiritual thing

It’s not always gospel. It’s not necessarily expression. It’s not the truth, but it is spiritual. Music, that is. Manipulations of sound both conscious and extremely subconscious. Open to all. I like to believe music be it your favorite song, an inviting instrumental passage or a bunch of “noise” comes from a place of spirit to which it dissipates once it passes into the air. Good or bad judgements play no part in the creation process. I find myself often fascinated by particular combinations of sound, melody and rhythm. I like to think we all do. I search for music that fascinates over the duration of its playing. I think that’s the primary criteria in shaping from which songs/pieces/tracks I derive enjoyment or inspiration.

Following mix is hopefully reflective of this. There are a couple of beautiful moments, I think you’ll feel. Tracklist below (58 mins).

First Friday dinner suite

Unexpected Delight – Flying Lotus & Laura Darlington
Man In The Mirror – Michael Jackson
My Heart Is Beating – Preeti Sagar
Pretty Little Ditty – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Rituel – Jean-FĂ©lix Lalanne & Yan Vagh
moog jam – Soundspecies
Artsy Remix (feat. the Grouch) – edIT
Get Familiar – Bullion / Paul White
The Fucking Formula – Dorian Concept
Swiss Glide – Michna
Sankofa – Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
Yadda Yadda – Will.i.am
We Milk Life But Skank Smooth (Grant Phabao Remix) – Jon Kennedy
Zulu – Africans With Mainframes
I See Who You Are – Bjork
Spacebass – Boxcutter
Time Wars – Paul White
Hear the Sun – Linkwood
We Will Rock You (Taut French Joel Mix) – Queen
Solid Air – John Martyn