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cloud city altitudes 1


I’m in love with little boxes that can make and play sounds. I was never much of a doodler in my younger days except for a few squiggly lines, lots of concentric circles and jabbing acute angles. These days my doodles are sonics. Sound clears the mind, compresses and stretches time, and is seemingly infinitely permissible. Just let my nephew and niece tool around for a half hour on these little boxes! I love all the buttons, sliders, knobs and keys, too!

With that in mind, I have a few DJ vignettes to share. Just 30 minutes each. Electronic in nature, mostly without vocals, but varied in content and energy. This first one moves between dub techno, minimal uk grime rhythms, cosmic synthesizer textures, acid bleeps and industrial noisiness without settling in one space for too long.


Rocket No. 8 – A Rocket In Dub
Ed 11 – Filter Dread
Ndizi – Pedestrian
Free Access Zone 8 – Shinichi Atobe
Strays – Objekt
HTH020 (The Haxan Cloak’s Cloud of Witness) – Akkord
Axis Shift – ASC
Frontin’ – Demdike Stare
Track Dump – Filter Dread