A Vinyl A Day

There really is no substitute in recorded media for vinyl. The look, the feel. The elegance and durability. The size and signature spinning motion. The sound, duration limitation and interaction requirements. The stores and shopping experiences. Garages, libraries, stacks, dollar bins and limited editions. Practical and esoteric.

Easy to say I got hooked once I started. Just want to share some songs and vibrations from my vinyl library with you on this page. I still buy music out of curiosity and the desire to hear something different, new and to listen to at home.

All versions on this page are 320k mp3 files. Most of these songs are unavailable at digital stores. If you are an artist or label and wish something taken down, please contact me and I will oblige.

july 14, 2015

1. Tews – 1000 Miles from Home ~ downtempo 7″ single in the vein of early DJ Shadow

2. Oscar Young Band – Tribal Mountain Love Song ~ East Asian deep funk with traditional instruments and choral chants from the 70’s released by Sham Palace with ties to the VAMP store in downtown Oakland, CA and Sublime Frequencies

3. Alain Goraguer – Meditations des Enfants ~ soundtrack/score to a 70’s French animated film. Deep, symphonic, electronic, funky and alien themes repressed by Bay Area run label Superior Viaduct. Check their vinyl store, Stranded, in the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland for an excellently curated selection of interesting music

4. Wayne Shorter – Montezuma ~ steaming polyrhythmic tropical influenced jazz by Mr. Shorter from 1970 released in ’74

5. Sonny Stitt – Lover Man ~ off a Chess Records compilation, classic styles, ballad with an awesome tone and solo

6. Stanley Turrentine – Bird of Beauty ~ from an album of Stevie Wonder songs, smooth jazz sounding great

7. Brigitte Fontaine – Brigitte ~ re-release epononymous LP, 70’s French art-rock-pop that breaks good

8. Skull Snaps – Didn’t I Do It To You ~ album cut from a classic soul breaks record reissued. Sweet, symphonic, funky soul

9. Alsarah & The Nubatones – Yanas Baridou ~ Nicodemus’ Wonderwheel Records packs a global reach into all music, bridging modern, traditional, and soulful styles. A great record from last year

10. Martin Rev – Mari ~ re-release of an early 80’s downtown NY no wave artist on synths and drum machines, melodic and light

11. Marion Brown – Tokolokoloka Part Two ~ a bed of percussion with saxophone countering and soloing from a late 60’s Impulse Records compilation chronicling the avant garde or energy styles of jazz

12. Iasos – Angels of Comfort ~ ambient bliss from the early 70’s released by Numero Group, who unearth so much awesome music these days. This particular piece is said to be close to the sounds heard by survivors of near-death experiences. A bridge to the next realm

13. Rick Holmes – Remember to Remember ~ re-release 12″ single of rare grooves, deep vibes, and spoken word with ties to Roy Ayers

14. OB Ignitt – Mysterious ~ recent 12″ single from Detroit house/techno producer that funks and vibes into space

15. Boddika – Acid Jackson ~ contemporary acid and electro breakbeat techno flex sounding super skweeqq from dubstep pioneer Loefah’s Swamp 81 label

16. Lee Gamble – Coma Skank ~ an experimental techno/electronic album on German label PAN, which subdues the ‘four to the floor’ methodology associated with the style, focusing on the atmospherics and synthetic elements of rhythm

17. Prince Far I – Homeward Bound ~ eastern melodies, pitch shifting keys, delayed drums and echoing guitars from a Jamaican dub master reissued in 1996 by UK label Pressure Sounds, home to all sorts of amazing dub reissues

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