Eric Cross Deejay


Billboard #1 on DOB . . . . Bay City Rollers – “Saturday Night”

First Cassette . . . . Huey Lewis & the News – “Sports”

Music during family dinners . . . . KDFC, i.e. classical

Radio to fall asleep to . . . . 560 AM – Bill King “Holy Toledo!”

Instrument in 4th grade . . . . Bflat Clarinet (still have it til this day)

80’s rap at the time . . . . “Raising Hell” over “Licensed to Ill”

80’s pop at the time . . . . Cyndi Lauper over Madonna

7th grade . . . . Sony Sports Walkman (the yellow one) + N.W.A or Hammer

First CD . . . . Pearl Jam – Ten

Music shopping 90’s . . . . Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA in the 90’s (Tower, Leopold’s, Amoeba, Rasputins, Wherehouse, and there were one or two more I can’t remember)

Music shopping 00’s – 10’s . . . . Online (Vinyl) – Dancetracks (NY), Turntable Lab (NY), Breakbeat Science (NY), Chemical Records (UK), Red Eye (UK), Boomkat (UK) . . . . Storefront (Vinyl) – Amoeba, Rasputins and small used shops coming back to downtown Oakland and outliers in the East Bay

3 thoughts on “Eric Cross Deejay”

  1. Hey,
    It’s Kevin Crook from the old Crook Clan at the Week 4 Lair. Your folks tipped me off about your website and I really have been enjoying your mixes, especially the May 22 Onsomeothablowurknowzesh*!

    Do you sell/distribute your mixes at all. I’d love to have one that I could play without streaming. Let me know, and congratulations on all your work.



    1. Hi Kevin. Great to hear from you and glad you enjoy the music! Most of the mixes are downloadable. To download right click on the mix title link and either “save target as” or “save link as”. Should save it to your desired destination as an mp3. Let me know if it works.

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